Gibbes Museum of Art

Charleston, SC



Miniature Portraits: Leila Waring

October 23, 1999 through April 23, 2000


Miniature Portraits: Leila Waring, on view in the Miniature Portrait Gallery, features hundreds of miniature portraits, ranging from sophisticated European works to the best of Charleston efforts, form a distinctive and impressive specialized collection at the Gibbes Museum of Art. [left: Afternoon Tea, (Dorothy Waring)]

Miniature Portraits: Leila Waring focuses on a group of 20th century Gibbes miniatures by Leila Waring (1876-1964), an artist who actively promoted a re-birth of this 18th and 19th century style portraiture. While many of Waring's miniatures are of family members, she also undertook commissions from other Charlestonians and from visitors to the city. Her style reflects a preference for a light palette, visual brushwork and informal poses.


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