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Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center / DeWitt Wallace Gallery (3/18/01)

Ackland Art Museum (11/24/10)

Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy (4/27/07)

Adirondack Museum (7/1/02)

African American Museum (4/1/00)

Akron Art Museum (4/20/05)

Alaska State Museum (5/30/03)

Albany (NY) Institute of History and Art (1/9/08)

Albany (GA) Museum of Art (3/28/01)

Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art (9/16/11)

Albright-Knox Art Gallery (11/10/99)

Albuquerque Museum (3/20/00)

Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art (4/11/00)

Allen Memorial Art Museum (11/12/08)

Allentown Art Museum (9/28/06)

American Folk Art Museum (8/10/15)

American Museum of Ceramic Art (10/2/14)

Amon Carter Museum (8/11/15)

Anasazi Heritage Center (11/20/99)

Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center (12/19/08)

Andy Warhol Museum (5/8/08)

Anniston Museum of Natural History (10/18/99)

Appalachian State University - Catherine J. Smith Gallery (5/7/02)

Appleton Museum of Art (3/8/00)

Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery (8/21/97)

Arizona State University Art Museum (12/2/05)

Arkansas Arts Center (8/28/00)

Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center (12/21/05)

Arnot Art Museum (5/1/02)

Art Complex Museum (4/23/03)

Art Institute of Boston (11/10/00)

Art Institute of Chicago (7/9/14)

Art Museum at Florida International University (7/17/02)

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette (8/3/99)

Art Museum of Southeast Texas (8/22/07)

Art Students League of New York (11/5/02)

Ashby-Hodge Gallery of American Art (9/17/98)

Asheville Art Museum (2/24/09)

Aspen Art Museum (5/31/03)

Atwater Kent Museum (7/6/99)

Austin Museum of Art (3/13/10)

Autry National Center (7/6/16)

AXA Gallery (3/18/00)


Bakersfield Museum of Art (6/28/01)

Baltimore Museum of Art (6/23/08)

Bascom, The (9/23/09)

Baylor University Art Museums (11/2/00)

Bayly Art Museum at the University of Virginia (3/6/00)

Bedford Gallery (9/15/10)

Bellevue Arts Museum (6/30/16)

Bell Museum of Natural History (8/20/99)

Bennington Center for the Arts (9/22/00)

Bergstrom-Mahler Museum (3/17/04)

Berkshire Museum (1/21/03)

Berman Museum of World History - Alabama (9/9/99)

Berman Museum of Art - Pennsylvania (6/29/06)

Biggs Museum of American Art (1/17/14)

Biltmore House (5/11/99)

Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery (9/21/16)

Birmingham Museum of Art (8/5/97)

Blaffer Gallery, the Art Museum of the University of Houston (9/17/07)

Blanden Memorial Art Museum (3/31/00)

Blanton Museum of Art (4/6/15)

Boca Raton Museum of Art (12/17/14)

Boise Art Museum (12/8/00)

Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art (1/30/12)

Booth Western Art Museum (7/25/12)

Boston Athenæum (8/21/13)

Boston University Art Galleries (8/28/09)

Bowers Museum of Cultural Art (11/14/02)

Brandywine River Museum (8/10/16)

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (6/23/07)

Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University (1/20/1`6)

Brevard Art Museum (7/20/00)

Brigham Young University Museum of Art (1/30/09)

Brookgreen Gardens (6/17/10)

Brooklyn Museum of Art (3/18/01)

Bruce Museum (8/7/14)

Bryan Memorial Gallery (9/5/16)

Buffalo Bill Historical Center (7/10/09)

Burchfield - Penney Art Center (1/22/15)

Bush-Holley Historic Site (4/10/99)

Butler Institute of American Art (4/29/08)


Cahoon Museum of American Art (12/3/08)

California African American Museum (10/13/00)

California Historical Society Museum (10/30/99)

California State Capitol Museum (1/6/00)

California State University, Dominguez Hills Art Gallery (5/25/07)

Cameron Art Museum (5/12/08) formerly named Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum

Canajoharie Library and Art Gallery (2/24/01)

Canton Museum of Art (11/24/08)

Cantor Arts Center / Stanford University (8/9/16)

Cape Ann Museum (12/17/07)

Cape Cod Museum of Art (8/20/13)

Caramoor House Museum (9/22/98)

Carmel Mission Basilica (3/3/09)

Carnegie Museum of Art (6/1/07)

Carnegie Museum of Natural History (9/24/00)

Carney Gallery at Regis College (3/18/99)

Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens (10/24/13)

Castellani Art Museum (11/17/07)

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts / Mitchell Museum (8/30/06)

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (12/3/07)

Center for Creative Photography - University of Arizona (7/13/05)

Center for the Arts - Vero Beach (1/12/01)

Chapman University Guggenheim Gallery (10/16/02)

Charles Allis Art Museum (8/9/03)

Charles H. MacNider Museum (11/8/06)

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art (9/1/99)

Chazen Museum of Art (7/27/07)

Cheekwood Museum of Art (3/9/15)

Chicago Cultural Center (2/19/00)

Chicago Historical Society (2/22/00)

Chinese American Museum (12/17/07)

Chrysler Museum of Art (3/1//05)

Cincinnati Art Museum (2/19/04)

Claremont Museum of Art (3/6/09)

Clark (Sterling and Francine) Art Institute (7/11/09)

Cleveland Museum of Art (4/5/10)

Cleveland Museum of Natural History (2/1/99)

C. M. Russell Museum (11/29/05)

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center / Taylor Museum (6/27/00)

Columbia Museum of Art (4/5/16)

Columbus Museum - Georgia (5/21/16)

Columbus Museum of Art - Ohio (5/8/05)

Concord Museum (5/26/00)

Coos Art Museum (6/27/00)

Corcoran Gallery of Art (2/28/14)

Concordia University - Ferguson Gallery (10/15/98)

Connecticut Historical Society (10/18/00)

Connecticut Valley Historical Museum (7/3/02)

Contemporary Museum - Honolulu (8/27/02)

Cornell Fine Arts Museum (8/11/03)

Coutts Memorial Museum of Art (10/1/00)

Cowboy Artists of America Museum (8/17/97)

Crocker Art Museum (7/12/16)

CUE Art Foundation (12/14/06)

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens (2/1/16)

Currier Museum of Art (10/1/08)


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