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Abbeville Press (look in subject categories for "American Art," "Art History" and "Artist Monographs." Go to "Sample Contents" for Masters of American Sculpture: The Figurative Tradition (Table of Contents, Text Excerpt [Introduction], Interior Images). [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Alejandro Diaz: Blame it on Mexico, an exhibit held February 21 to June 7, 2009 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Accessed August, 2015.

Al Farrow: Divine Ammunition is a 2016-17 exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum which says: "Using guns and ammunition, Al Farrow creates sculptures of reliquaries, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, mausoleums, and other devotional objects.... Each work gives new meaning to its materials. Gun-barrel towers and domes built of bullets not only compel the viewer to consider the present, but also recall the history of conflict. The artist's material choices may be jarring, but they also provoke awe and inspire reflection." Also see artist website. Accessed 1/17

A New American Sculpture, 1914-1945: Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach is a 2017 exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art - Maine which says: "By juxtaposing their works, A New American Sculpture will reveal the confluences of sources -- from archaism and European avant-garde art to vernacular traditions and American popular culture -- that informed these artists' novel contributions to the history of sculpture."   Accessed 7/17

A. Piatt Andrew Bridge Doors was an exhibit held April 18, 2015 - Nov. 1, 2015 at the Cape Ann Museum. CAM says: "...Two of four bronze doors from the granite faced pylons on top of the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge... [were] designed by sculptor John F. Paramino (1889-1956)....[who] was born in Boston in 1889 to immigrant parents and studied modeling at the North Bennet Street School. He continued his studies under Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Bela Pratt and by 1916 had his own studio in Boston. Examples of Paramino's public sculptures are scattered across Boston and include The Founders Memorial (1930) and the World War II Memorial in the Fenway (1947-1948)." Includes press coverage. Accessed August, 2016.

Art Now: Patrick Dougherty, an exhibit held September 18-December 9, 2007 at the Middlebury College Museum of Art. Accessed February, 2015.

Charles Ray: Sculpture, 1997-2014, an exhibit held May 15, 2015 - October 4, 2015 at the Art Institute of Chicago. Includes two brief videos and description of catalog. Accessed January, 2016

Chris Antemann: Forbidden Fruit is a 2016-17 exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design which says: "Inspired by eighteenth-century porcelain figurines and decorative art, Antemann's delicate and intricately detailed sculptures are lavishly presented on a central banquet table alongside a selection of stand alone sculptures and a nine-light porcelain chandelier." Accessed 11/16

The City of Mission Viejo, CA granted a public art commission to artists Joy Aldrich and Aileen May to spearhead creation of nine mosaic-covered sculptures in the form of life-sized bears, each with a separate cultural or ethnic theme. The sculptures, completed in 2015, toured to venues throughout Orange County, CA. Also see a YouTube video by Fifi Leigh titled "Bear Art Sculptures at UC Irvine." Accessed January, 2016.

Conrad Bakker: Art and Objecthood was a 2000 exhibit at the Sheldon Museum of Art featuring the contemporary realism wood sculptures of Conrad Bakker. Viewers may download the exhibition brochure. Accessed 1/17

Davinoff's Sculpture Park, North Side, Grand Cayman, by Schottme, March 12, 2014, from Goschott blog. These concrete sculptors are on the Grand Cayman property of Wisconsin sculptor David Quasius. Accessed August, 2015.

Digitalization Project including Academy Notes, 1905 - 1931; Contemporary American Sculpture Exhibition, June 17 - October 2, 1916 from Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

"Duct Tape for Dads: UC Duct-Tape Sculptures to Display Father's Day Weekend at Ohio Duck Tape Festival" from University of Cincinnati, including photos and a video. Accessed August, 2015.

Early Sculpture and Sculptors in San Diego by Bruce Kamerling and Sculpture of Donal Hord from San Diego History Center. Accessed August, 2015.

Fabricating Whimsy: Musings of Martha McKinley Murphy is an exhibit held June 17, 2016 - October 15, 2016 at Southern Allengenies Museum of Art. A Jun 24, 2016 article titled "Friend's gag gift helps artist find her true calling" by Kelly Urban of the Tribune Democrat says "Murphy said she originally was a watercolorist, but after a friend gave her an oxy-acetylene torch set as a joke, she found her true calling. 'What he did not realize was he would jump-start my career as a metal sculpture and my love of metal has never ended,' she said...." Also, a Indiana University of Pennsylvania webpage contains an artist bio and statement for the metalsmith. Accessed August, 2016.

Fever Within: The Art of Ronald Lockett was an exhibit held June 21 - September 18, 2016 at the American Folk Art Museum. The museum says: "The art of Ronald Lockett (1965-1998) speaks to the universality of the human condition through the lens of lived experience in the American South. Fever Within, the first retrospective on the artist, emphasizes the themes Lockett explored over the course of his decade-long artistic career." Accessed August, 2016.

The Figure: Portrait and Bronze Works by Tom Corbin, an exhibit held March 18 - August 9, 2014 at the University of Mississippi Museum, Oxford. Includes essay by Dana Self. Accessed December, 2015.

The Four Seasons: Philip Haas is a 2016 exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art which says: "The Four Seasons, by American artist and filmmaker Philip Haas, is a series of large-scale fiberglass sculptures inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo's four 1563 Italian Renaissance paintings: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter." Accessed 3/17

Frudakis: Two Generations of Sculpture, an exhibit held August 16 - November 10, 2013 at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. Includes exbibit brochure. Accessed April, 2015.

Hermann Gurfinkel: Hidden Northwest Indiana Legend is a 2015 exhibit at the Brauer Museum of Art. The link is to the biographical brochure for the exhibit, with an essay by Barbara Stodola. A quote from the essay says: "Gurfinkel is best-known in Northwest Indiana for his large public sculptures: the 22-foot Man of Steel (1977) in Harrison Park, Hammond; The Reader (1984) at Lake County Public Library, Merrillville; an eight-foot bronze relief, a Menorah (1986), for the façade of Temple Israel in Valparaiso; and the bronze Mother And Child (1999) in a courtyard at La Porte Hospital." Accessed 12/16

Humaira Abid: Searching for Home is a 2017 exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum which says: "Abid is well known for her bold, symbolically rich, and meticulously realized wood sculptures and miniature paintings. Her work demonstrates a fearless approach to tackling cultural norms, gender roles, and relationships, often with an ironic edge." Also see press release and artist's website  Accessed 11/17

Industrial Nature: Works by Michelle Stitzlein is a 2017 exhibit at the Springfield Museum of Art which says: "Michelle Stitzlein creates large scale sculpture from recycled materials. She works in a large studio converted from a former grange hall in Baltimore, Ohio." Also see artist's website Accessed 2/17

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, an exhibit held June 27-October 19, 2014 at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Includes videos and press coverage. Accessed May, 2015.

Jim Dine: Poet Singing (The Flowering Sheets) an exhibit held October 30, 2008 - February 9, 2009 at at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Includes documentary video. Accessed August, 2015.

Jonathan Hils: Intersection, an exhibit held September 9, 2010 - January 2, 2011 at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Includes interview and press review. Accessed April, 2015

John Connell: Cheap Secrets of the East, an exhibit held Saturday, May 17 - Sunday, September 7, 2014 at the Harwood Museum of Art, University of New Mexico. Accessed January, 2015.

KAWS, an exhibit held June 27, 2010, to January 2, 2011 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Accessed August, 2015.

KAWS: Companion (Passing Through) an exhibit held January 30 through June 5, 2011 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Accessed August, 2015.

KAWS: FAR FAR DOWN  is a 2017 exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis which says: "For FAR FAR DOWN, the artist creates a site-specific painting on CAM's 60-foot long Project Wall, the large-scale work serving as a backdrop for three new major paintings. In the Museum's courtyard, KAWS debuts the most recent permutation from his sculpture series, TOGETHER -- bronze painted figures in a consoling embrace. TOGETHER is immediately endearing, and at the same time evokes pathos and contemplation. The paintings on view on the Project Wall deliver a sustained visual display of clashing patterns and vibrant colors, with barely recognizable popular figures inlaid within the scenes as deceptively as camouflage. The title of the exhibition and the eponymous painting implies physical or emotional descent, although the status of the concealed forms within the work are open to conjecture."  Also see press release  Accessed 6/17

Kiki Smith: Night, an exhibit held March 19 to June 21, 1998 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Includes exhibit brochure. Accessed January, 2015.

Kiki Smith: Sojourn, an exhibit held February 12 - September 12, 2010 at the Brooklyn Museum. The page for the exhibit includes a video in which Kiki Smith discusses Sojourn with curator Catherine Morris. Accessed August, 2015.

Lily Cox-Richard: Possessing Powers, an exhibit held May 10 - September 14, 2014 at the Hudson River Museum. Accessed January, 2015.

Lost Wax, found bronze is accessed as of 2013 in the Virtual Foundry page of the National Museum of Wildlife Art website where the process and materials of bronze casting are explained, plus an interview with sculptor Gerry Balciar. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Lucy Congdon Hanson: Serve is a 2017 exhibit at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. The artist says: "Serve is a 14-foot hand-fabricated stainless steel fork. This sculpture takes the ideas surrounding the spoons and brings them to the forefront of my consciousness. Serve represents the silent, but giant, role of women in households over generations - lovingly nurturing their families. Serve is about power, but the protective kind." - To read more after exhibit closes, go to "Past Exhibitions" section of museum website.  Accessed 12/17

Making Everything Out of Anything - Prints, Drawings, and Sculptures by Willie Cole is a 2017 exhibit at the Snite Museum of Art which says: "This exhibition will focus on a major theme of American artist Willie Cole: his extraordinarily creative repurposing of everyday objects such as steam irons, ironing boards, hair dryers, bicycle parts, and women's shoes to create artworks that comment on diverse subjects such as African art, cultural identity, gender, and sexuality." Also see artist's website.  Accessed 9/17

Manuel Izquierdo: Maquettes, Small Sculptures and Works on Paper, an exhibit held November 17, 2012 - February 17, 2013 at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University. Includes video introduction. Accessed January, 2015.

Manuel Izquierdo: Myth, Nature, and Renewal, an exhibit held January 19 - March 24, 2013 at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University. Includes video introduction. Accessed January, 2015.

Martin Puryear, an exhibit held Feb 24, 2008 - May 18, 2008 at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Accessed March, 2015

Matthew Angelo Harrison  -  Dark Povera Part 1 is a 2017 exhibit at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center which says: "In contrast to most 3D printers, which print with silicone and other strong synthetic plastics, Harrison's hand-made printers utilize a wet clay." Also see 1/26/17 article at Model D.  Accessed 9/17

Melissa Ichiuji: In the Flesh is a 2013 exhibit at Schmucker Art Gallery, Gettysburg College. Download the 20-page exhibit catalog published by Schmucker Art Gallery, with essay by Shannon Egan, Ph.D., Director, Schmucker Art Gallery, which says: "This exhibition In the Flesh presents three discrete recent bodies of Ichiuji's work: a series of busts of political figures from the 2012 election season entitled Fair Game, a trio of life-sized sculptures of female bodies, and lastly, Everything to Lose, a film and corresponding photographs of the artist donning an elaborately sculpted costume. Despite seeming differences in medium and subject in this exhibition, Ichiuji works with similar materials and artistic practices in each. She sculpts with fabric and pantyhose and does not hide raw, purposefully crude stitches and seams. Because the pantyhose stands in for flesh; bits of thread under the surfaces look like veins, and gestures seem animated, Ichiuji's heads and bodies are paradoxically naturalistic and doll-like." Accessed 10/16.

Michael Cooper: A Sculptural Odyssey, 1968 - 2011, an exhibition held July 12 - October 9, 2011 at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Includes Student resource. Accessed August, 2015.

Mikel Glass | The Discarded, an exhibit held January 17 - April 19, 2009 at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Includes 7:51 illustrated audio presentation by artist and a video. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Nancy Shaver, Reconciliation, an exhibit held May 3, 2015 to October 25, 2015 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Includes essay by Richard Klein, exhibitions director. Accessed January, 2016

A New American Sculpture, 1914-1945: Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach is a 2018 exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum which says: "A New American Sculpture, 1914­1945: Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach is the first exhibition to investigate the integral relationships between modernism, classicism, and popular imagery in the interwar sculpture of Gaston Lachaise, Robert Laurent, Elie Nadelman, and William Zorach... Known to each other but working independently, these four immigrant artists created figural sculpture that reveal a confluence of sources - from archaism and European avant-garde art to vernacular traditions and American popular culture." Also see press release   Accessed 3/18

Origami in the Garden is a 2016-7 exhibit at the Baker Museum which says: "Kevin Box (American, b. 1977) is recognized for capturing the delicate nature of paper in beautiful sculptures. Since the beginning of the 21st century, he has grown to become the featured artist in many of America's top fine art galleries and fairs. Box's work has received numerous awards and is held in prominent collections worldwide." Accessed 1/17

Outdoor Sculpture in Jackson, Michigan (1997) by Michael W. Panhorst from Ella Sharp Museum. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Patrick Dougherty, an exhibit held from October 19 - December 22, 2013 at The Fralin | University of Virginia Art Museum. Texts include labels. Accessed August, 2015.

Patrick Dougherty: Step Right Up   is a 2017 exhibit at the Ackland Art Museum which says: "The large-scale piece - comprised of five individual stickwork sculptures - was constructed entirely of tree saplings and is on view in front of the Ackland Art Museum." Accessed 12/17

Paul Villinski: Passage is a 2017 exhibit at the Taubman Museum of Art which says: "A wooden glider reminiscent of the balsawood gliders of the artist's youth, Passage is scaled up to a wingspan of 33 feet and inhabited by 1,000 black butterflies. Both the structure of the plane and the butterflies haloing it are from reclaimed materials found on the streets of New York City, materials Villinski has used in his artistic practice for more than two decades." Also see press release and artist's website  Accessed 8/17

PLATFORM 7: Tory Fair, Testing a World View (Again), an exhibit held July 19, 2011-June 5, 2012 at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. Includes brochure with essay. Accessed August, 2015.

Red Grooms: In the Studio & The Bookstore, an exhibit held February 9 - May 25, 2008 at the Hudson River Museum. Accessed January, 2015.

Relax in Electric Chair: Peter Saul at di Rosa, an exhibit held March 4 - July 26, 2015 at the di Rosa Preserve. Includes exhibit brochure. Accessed December, 2015.

Robert Lazzarini: Guns and Knives, an exhibit held February 28 to September 13, 2009 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art Accessed August, 2015.

Robert Taplin: Selections from the Punch Series, 2005-10 an exhibit held October 31, 2010 to March 20, 2011 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Accessed August, 2015.

Ronald Gonzalez: Private Collection is a 2011 exhibit at Schmucker Art Gallery, Gettysburg College. Download the 25-page exhibit catalog published by Schmucker Art Gallery, with essay by Shannon Egan, Ph.D., Director, Schmucker Art Gallery, which says: "In Ronald Gonzalez's latest series of sculptures, old leather satchels, small antiquated appliances, dulled tools, bicycle handles, shoes, a fencing mask, an accordion, a bicycle seat, a toaster and helmets, among other various found parts and outdated detritus are combined to evoke the heads and torsos of human-like forms. The viewer identifies the components at once as what the objects literally are as well as the specific body parts they figuratively describe. As such, his art calls for an exercise in perceptual shifts that allow for more than one visual interpretation. While some objects are manipulated, others are left intact, as Gonzalez creates paradoxically human and strangely inanimate assemblages." Accessed 10/16.

Ron Mueck, an exhibit held July 18 to October 27, 2002 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Includes exhibit brochure. Accessed January, 2015.

Ryo Toyonaga: Awakening, an exhibit held October 11, 2014 to January 04, 2015 at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon. Accessed February, 2015

Salvatore Scarpitta: Traveler, an exhibit held July 17, 2014 to January 11, 2015 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Includes exhibit brochure. Accessed January, 2015.

Sam Anderson: The Park is a 2017 exhibit at the Sculpture Center which says: "For her exhibition, Anderson abstracts and isolates the town square. Casting particular characters in mid-gesture, Anderson suspends the action of a community: a waitress, a stork, a children's orchestra, a teacher, an entertainer, a pedestrian, a teen actress, a public sculpture, a designer, a historian, and an escaped panther-each carries out their role despite the other as fragments of a larger network." Accessed 6/17

Scrap Redefined: Works by Mei Greer and Ronald Nigro, an exhibit held May 2 - August 10, 2014 at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. Includes exbibit catalog. Accessed April, 2015.

The Sculpture And Mural Decorations Of The Exposition, by Perry, Stella George Stern, (reprint of an entire book covering the San Francisco Panama-Pacific Exhibition of 1915) from Project Gutenberg. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Sculptors, by Lonnie Pierson Dunbier from askArt. Accessed August, 2015.

Selected Works by Rainey Master Sculptors, 2014-2016 was a 2016 exhibit at Brookgreen Gardens, which says: "The sculpture of Brookgreen Gardens' 2014-2016 Sculptors in Residence in the Anne Edens Rainey Master Sculptor Program will be showcased in this exhibition ­ 2014: Jim Licaretz, FNSS (Philadelphia, PA); 2015: Heidi Wastweet (Albany, CA) and T. D. Kelsey, FNSS (Guthrie, TX); 2016: Peter Rubino (Monroe, NC) and Christopher Smith, FNSS (Philadelphia, PA). Accessed 12/16

Stepping the Mast: Rob Millard-Mendez is a 2017 exhibit at the Giertz Gallery at Parkland College which says: "Millard-Mendez is currently chair of the Art and Design Department at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville. As a woodworker and sculptor, his work often employs high craft but is also process-oriented and rich with historical references and personal narratives." Also see artist's website  Accessed 11/17

Strange Bodies: Figurative Works from the Hirshhorn Collection, an exhibit held December 11, 2008 to November 15, 2009 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Includes podcasts and video. Accessed January, 2015.

Tableau: The Art of Richard Cleaver is a 2017 exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum which says: "Richard Cleaver is a Baltimore-based artist who creates elaborate figurative sculptures full of hidden compartments to capture the lives and secrets of historical figures and personal acquaintances. The artist is fascinated by monarchies, mythology, and religion, and these themes form the subjects of his work. Constructing the sculptures in clay, Cleaver paints meticulous patterns and applies precious and semiprecious stones to create the sumptuously decorated surfaces." Also see artist's website  Accessed 11/17

Tom Sachs: Cameras, an exhibition held June 21, 2009, to September 16, 2009 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Accessed August, 2015.

Timeline of Art History section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art website: From Model to Monument: American Public Sculpture, 1865­1915 by Thayer Tolles, Department of American Paintings and Sculpture. Accessed August, 2015.

Tony Matelli: New Gravity was a 2014 exhibit held at the Davis Museum and Cultural Center, which says: "In Matelli's work, the physical laws of objects are often reversed, upended or atomized, and with these deft manipulations of matter and gravity come profound reorientations in perspective and ultimately, states of being." Hyper-realistic sculpture. Accessed 12/16. Also see Sleepwalker article by Lisa Fischman, Ruth Gordon Shapiro '37 Director of the Davis. Accessed 12/16

Trucks: Recent Work by John Himmelfarb was a 2014 exhibit at the Brauer Museum of Art at Valparaiso University. The exhibit featured whimsical representations of trucks by the prolific Chicago-based artist. Himmelfarb's works are executed in a wide variety of media including sculpture, painting, and printmaking. An outdoor sculpture made out of an actual truck accompanied the exhibition. The link is to the brochure for the exhibit. Accessed 12/16

Type A: Barrier and Trigger, an exhibit held June 26 to December 31, 2011 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art . Accessed August, 2015.

Ultra-Realistic Sculpture by Marc Sijan is a 2014-15 exhibit at the Dubuque Museum of Art which says: "Marc Sijan is one of the world's most accomplished hyper-realist sculptors. His figures are both compelling and disconcerting and so true to life they appear on the verge of movement, often startling museum visitors who mistake them for real people." Also see the artist's website. Accessed 3/17

Virginia Poundstone: Flower Mutations, an exhibit held May 3, 2015 to October 25, 2015 at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Includes text by Amy Smith-Stewart, curator. Accessed January, 2016

Walnut Creek Public Art program. Walnut Creek, CA is among over 350 organizations that sponsor public art programs in the US. See collection highlights, download a map, and read the city's master plan and ordinance about pubkic art. Online information is provided by Lesher Center for the Arts. Accessed January, 2016

Whimsical duct tape sculptures from Tech Blog. Accessed August, 2015.

Rose Bowl Floats from NPR's Weekend Edition, Saturday, December 29, 2001. Susan Stamberg talks with Rose Bowl float designer Raul Rodriguez about his many creations. Accessed August, 2015.

Arizona Highways Television is a series of programs devoted to exploring the highways and byways of Arizona. The television programs were created in the spirit of Arizona Highways magazine, a division of the Arizona Department of Transportation. Arizona Highways Television was created in partnership with The Arizona Republic. Programs include the whimsical steel sculptures of David Voisard, an Amado sculptor. (September 24, 2005) [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.].

Arizona Public Media offers a February 5, 2008 video (05:14) on Louis David Valenzuela. Sculptor Louis David Valenzuela is doing everyting he can do to keep the Yaqui culture alive through his art. Valenzuela's Pascola masks are in the collection of the Arizona State Museum. In this story, you will see how and why he creates those sacred masks. Accessed May, 2015.

Art/New York presents a preview of Hyper Realistic Sculpture (John De Andrea and Duane Hanson). Includes interviews concerning Duane Hanson's exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art and John De Andrea at OK Harris Gallery (SoHo) [5:02] Accessed May, 2015.

Art that Sticks: UC Duct Tape Sculptures, video (2:30) by Ashley Kempher/UC Creative Services of University of Cincinnati on student and faculty duct tape sculptures, exhibited at the 2013 annual Duct Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio. Accessed August, 2015.

Blip.tv presents Ron Mueck, filmed during Ron Mueck's residency at The National Gallery, London. The exhibition Ron Mueck was on view at the Brooklyn Museum, November 3, 2006-February 4, 2007. Video courtesy of The National Gallery, London. Another video on sculpture is titled Community Artist: Dan Gerhart which was produced, from start to finish, within a 4-day workshop by new filmmakers at FilmTreks.com. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

The California/International Arts Foundation, founded in 1981, organizes and tours contemporary art exhibitions. The Foundation initiated artsconversations.org as a permanent archive for programming seen on www.netropolitan.org. Dozens of artist interviews are contained in the visual arts section of the archives. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Lyn Kienholz interviewed Michael C. McMillen, creator of large-scale installation pieces and small-scale sculptures, in two two-part videos. A studio interview was filmed August, 2001 and another two-part video interview conducted at an unspecified date. Accessed August, 2015.

With an introduction by Henry Winkler, "A Good Time To Be West," filmed in 1984, presents twelve artists creating contemporary California sculpture. Commentary is presented by David Hockney, Robert Arneson and other artists. Accessed May, 2015.

Deborah Butterfield introduces her work to a group of docents at its installation at the Nevada Museum of Art on June 15, 2007. [4:58] and in another video taken during the docent walkthrough on June 15, 2007, sculptor Deborah Butterfield reflects upon some of the philosophical and artistic elements contributing to her decisions to create sculptures of horses lying prone on the floor or ground. [5:51] Accessed May, 2015.

George Stanley- California's Gold (13013) is a 29-minute episode from Huell Howser's California's Gold television series.from May, 2011. It is presented online without charge by the Chapman University Huell Howser Archive. The Archive page containing the episode says: "Huell goes in search of the history of one of the most iconic symbols in the world: the Oscar. The gleaming gold statuette that is handed out each year at the Academy Awards has become the pinnacle of Hollywood success. The sculptor George Stanley was handed a napkin with a rough drawing and given the job of creating the "Oscar". Another iconic Stanley statue is the "Muse", which graces the entrance of the world famous Hollywood Bowl. Huell pays tribute to this artist whose work is such an important part of our state's history." Accessed January, 2015.

Heard Museum maintained a Heard Videos page containing links to documentaries, interviews and performances. As of February, 2010 interviews include a three-part interview with Albuquerque Museum Curator Deborah Slaney who tours the C.G. Wallace collection of Zuni Jewelry. In other videos, Norman Sandfield discusses his seedpot collection and Nora Naranjo-Morse speaks about her sculpture. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Indianapolis Museum of Art produced a video titled Robert Indiana, available online through ArtBabble. According to ArtBabble, "After a complete restoration of Robert Indiana's Numbers and many discussions with the artist, Richard McCoy, Conservator of Objects and Variable Art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, shares insight to Indiana's symbolic use of color on the large sculptures. You can see all 10 Numbers at the IMA's Alliance Sculpture Court." This is episode 2. Indianapolis Museum of Art also produced a video titled Lichtenstein / Five Brushstrokes, available online through ArtBabble. According to ArtBabble, "The Indianapolis Museum of Art has acquired Five Brushstrokes, a monumental work by Roy Lichtenstein, commissioned in the early 1980s but never before assembled. The work will be unveiled in its completion for the first time this August at the IMA. The sculpture is considered to be Lichtenstein's most ambitious work in his Brushstroke series. Consisting of five separate elements, the tallest of which soars 40 feet into the air, Five Brushstrokes features a striking collection of forms and colors and is one of Lichtenstein's premier 'scatter pieces'." Accessed June, 2015.

KCET, the Los Angeles PBS affiliate, presented the Life & Times series covering a broad array of happenings and stories about greater Los Angeles. Life & Times includes an arts section with numerous videos and transcripts. In Robert Graham, Life & Times host Val Zavala profiles and interviews Robert Graham, a renowned figurative sculptor, in a segment dedicated to the artist. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Kentucky Educational Television offers a series of 1/2 hour videos from Mixed, a weekly arts series starting from 2003. See:

Program 614: Sculptor Zoé Strecker, Lexington wood sculptor Philip Hultgren, and the music of Louisville's Ochion Jewell Quartet

Program 711: Dolls by artist/sculptor Becky Collings, holiday creations by Louisville-area designers, and vocal ensemble Coterie.

Program 712: Sculptor Tim Lewis, Bybee Pottery, and Louisville-based post-folk band Valley

Accessed May, 2015.

The Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum at Saginaw Valley State University presents two videos on the art of sculptor Marshall M. Fredericks and the bronze sculpture process. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art web site contains several video presentations. In two 2005 video clips the Met introduces the 25 foot tall large-scale sculpture Plantoir and Corridor Pin, Blue by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, installed on the roof of the museum. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

The National Academy Museum presents three videos presenting Judith Shea discussing her sculptures in Judith Shea: In Her Own Words, on view at the National Academy Museum from September 12, 2012 to January 13, 2013. Accessed June, 2015

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa presents Claes Oldenburg from "Meet the Artist" series with video clips. Accessed August, 2015.

Otis College presents the series: Otis Legacy Project: Interviews of Distinguished Otis Alumni. Alison Saar attended Otis in 1981. She is well known as a sculptor although she works in several mediums. Her work generally deals with gender issues. Alison was interviewed by Otis students in March 2008. [5:25] Text from Otis College. Otis College Ben Maltz Gallery presented a series called Otis Speaks. Accessed May, 2015.

WGBH/Boston presents a 3-minute QuickTime video clip in which John Wilson talks about his sculpture Eternal Presence, being installed on the lawn of the National Center of Afro-American Artists in Roxbury. The original airdate of the program containing the segment was October 1, 1987. In another 2 1/2 minute clip, artist Sidewalk Sam works with Boston schoolchildren to create a mural. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

The WGBH/Boston Forum Network is an audio and video streaming web site dedicated to curating and serving live and on-demand lectures, including a number of videos on Art and Architecture. Partners include a number of museums, colleges, universities and other cultural organizations. See listings of related videos in this catalogue indexed by partner name. Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami partnered with the WGBH Forum Network for: Billie Grace Lynn: White Elephant by Billie Grace Lynn, sculptor. (8 minutes) The theme of social engagement is highlighted in Billie Grace Lynn's politically-based sculptures on display at MOCA North Miami's Goldman Warehouse. In this segment she discusses White Elephant. [September 4, 2007]; Billie Grace Lynn: Hand by Billie Grace Lynn, sculptor. (8 minutes) The theme of social engagement is highlighted in Billie Grace Lynn's politically-based sculptures on display at MOCA North Miami's Goldman Warehouse. In this segment she discusses Hand. [September 4, 2007] Accessed June, 2015


DVD/VHS videos:

Augustus Saint Gaudens: An American Original is a 28 minute 1995 video from Direct Cinema Limited directed by Paul G. Sanderson III. This video draws on photographs, letters, literary documents and the artist's works -- which are found in major cities, public parks and museums throughout the United States -- to create a beautiful and informative portrait of a neglected giant of American art. Centering on the artist's adopted home of Cornish, New Hampshire, the film is an excellent introduction to the man and his times, and to the work that helped a weary nation begin to make sense of the war that almost tore it apart. Available through Currier Museum of Art.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Masque of the Golden Bowl. 1 hour. Available through Currier Museum of Art.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Master of American Sculpture is a hour-long documentary released in 2007 and directed by award-winning filmmaker Paul Sanderson. The film tells the sculptor's life story through the voices of art historians, with on-camera observations of the artist and his works including both historic and contemporary footage, combined with original and period music. The documentary covers Saint-Gaudens' life from his childhood in Manhattan, through his rise to prominence during the Gilded Age, to his legacy as one of this country's greatest sculptors. Utilizing state-of-the-art high definition, wide-screen technology, the film takes advantage of the latest research about Saint-Gaudens and his art, and reveals his greatest public monuments in ways never seen before. The film is produced by the Trustees of the Saint-Gaudens Memorial with assistance from the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. Director Paul G. Sanderson has won over 30 national awards, including seven CINE Golden Eagles with films that have appeared on PBS, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, NBC, and other networks. He has been a consultant for PBS's American Masters series. His films have been shown at Lincoln Center, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and Radio City Music Hall. Most recently he was the principal cinematographer and consultant on a two-part special for both Frontline and American Experience on the Mormon religion titled "The Mormons," which recently aired on PBS. He also produced a documentary on the pioneering Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont entitled "Wings of Madness," that was broadcast last fall on PBS's Nova. The Saint-Gaudens documentary will be broadcast on New Hampshire Public Television in the fall of 2007. Additional regional film premieres are scheduled at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on September 7, 2007, Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 23, 2007, Philadelphia Museum of Art on September 30, 2007, and the Art Institute of Chicago on March 8, 2008, with other locations anticipated.
David Hostetler: The Last Dance, produced by Too Much Media LLC, a 30-minute version of the documentary features Hostetler's entire body of work, with a focus on "The Last Dance," a recent sculpture that is in the David Hostetler, Wood and Bronze Sculpture exhibition that opened Oct. 12, 2007 at the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum at SVSU. Producer Keith Newman and director Casey Hayward were given unlimited access to Hostetler and his vast archives; their film is the first documentary to feature him. An accomplished sculptor, Hostetler's work has been included in over 200 group shows and has been the subject of one-person exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States. His work also is in numerous public collections, including Trump International Hotel & Tower, New York; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Kennedy Library, Boston; Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio; Columbus (Ohio) Museum of Art; Milwaukee (Wis.) Museum; Speed Museum, Louisville, Ky.; Montgomery (Ala.)Museum of Fine Art; and De Cordova Museum, Lincoln, Mass. "You will see the process from the moment the tree is cut down to the finished product, a beautiful female form, one of David's stunning women," said Newman. Newman and Hayward plan to show their documentary at film festivals, gallery shows, and on public broadcasting stations following the premiere. David Hostetler is a graduate of Indiana University and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University where he taught for 37 years. He retired from teach as a full professor of sculpture in 1985 and is now Professor Emeritus.  Hostetler's art career spans 60 years and his showing in the Fredericks Sculpture Museum marks his first Michigan exhibition (right: David Hostetler in his studio, Athens, OH, photo by Larry Hamill Lambert. Photo courtesy of Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum)
Duane Hanson: An Interview: 30 minutes 1977. "Super-Realist sculptor Duane Hanson talks about the development of his art. He explains his early beginnings, his education in the Midwest, his New York years, his worldwide success, and his work in Florida. In this 1977 interview, he also discusses the relationship of his art to America's materialistic suburban culture."
Duane Hanson in His Studio: 30 minutes 1977. "In this program, as 20th-century sculptor Duane Hanson works on a figure, he describes his methods and techniques of construction. He shows how he selects and poses the model, makes a plaster mold directly from the live model, casts the plaster body molds with a polyester-resin and fiberglass substance, and paints the completed cast. He also demonstrates how he positions the glass eyes, meticulously inserts strands of hair, chooses clot
Earl Erik Heikka, Sculptor of the American West is a documentary presented in two parts on the sculptor's life and art produced by the Heikka Art Foundry in 1978. Filmed and directed by Dan Agulian, written and narrated by Mike C. Heikka, shot on locations in California, Colorado, Montana and New York .
Hyper-Realist Sculpture: Duane Hanson/John DeAndrea. This 28 mlnute 2001 Paul Tschinkel program looks at two artists who have helped define the hyper-realist style of sculpture. Duane Hanson works from casts to create figures that are startlingly convincing. His subjects are everyday people who reflect Hanson's interest In the "common denominators" of life. John DeAndrea's supremely accurate nude figures carry on a fascination with the human form that dates back to the ancient Greeks. A Hanson retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art and a DeAndrea exhibition at the OK Harris Gallery In Soho are featured. From the ART/new york series.
Isamu Noguchi.(Portrait of an Artist) Follows the twentieth-century Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi around the world for more than a year filming his global artistic adventures. Examines his early life in Japan and his education in the United States which formed a fusion between East and West and fostered the universality of his creative efforts. c1980. 55 min. Video/C 6321 Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.
Isamu Noguchi: Stones and Paper is a 56 minute DVD described by the Japanese American National Museum as follows: "This video appeared in the National Museum's 2004 exhibition Isamu Noguchi and Modern Japanese Ceramics. It is a timeless retrospective on the life and career of Isamu Noguchi, whose bi-national heritage sent him back and forth between Japan and America seeking a new artistic synthesis... He started his career in Paris as Constantin Brancusi's apprentice. He made his name in New York. And, after World War II, he brought a fresh modernist wind to Japan, putting his mark on Japanese ceramics, gardens, and paper lanterns. His late masterworks -- rough stone monoliths that echo both Brancusi and the Zen garden of Ryoanji -- marry East and West in an absolutely original way."
Isamu Noguchi: The Sculpture of Spaces is a 53 minute DVD described by the Japanese American National Museum as follows: "Isamu Noguchi often said that the space around a thing is as important as the thing itself. This classic program shows Noguchi turning landscapes into participatory works of art as it follows in dramatic detail the struggle to bring his ideas to fruition at Miami's Bayfront Park and at Moere Numa Park, outside Sapporo... His austere sets for Martha Graham, which helped define modern dance, and his UNESCO garden in Paris, which shaped earth, water, and greenery into a series of multisensory surprises, are featured as well. A brilliant glimpse of an artist at work."
Public Sculpture: America's Legacy. Sculptures are presented and then the audience is taken on a 29 minute tour to see and understand how each work functions in a public place. In this way both the nature of the work and its role In history is cerefully elucidated.
Saint Gaudens: Masque of the Golden Bowl. A lush 60 minute dramatization of the life and work of Augustus Saint Gaudens, pre-eminent sculptor of the American Renaissance, as seen and recorded In his own words and those of his contemporaries. Shot on Location in Boston, New York and New Hampshire. Produced in association with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Sculptor Marshall M. Fredericks is a 1 hour autobiographical documentary of Fredericks' life and work; produced by Southfield Cable 15. The artist relates his life story and discusses dozens of his sculptures. Vintage footage of installation and dedication of The Spirit of Detroit. Christ on the Cross, and the Cleveland Fountain is interspersed with recent views of these and other sculptures. Available from Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.
Sculptors at Storm King: Shaping American Art (47 minutes). The 400-acre Storm King Art Center is America's premier outdoor museum of post-1945 sculpture. Through interviews, archival footage and film clips of sculptors in action, this program offers a glimpse into the creative process of some of the century's most influential artists. Featured sculptors include David Smith, Louise Nevelson, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, Kenneth Snelson, Mark di Suvero and Richard Serra. Shown in conjunction with Material Terrain: A Sculptural Exploration of Landscape and Place held at the Columbia Museum of Art July 6 - August 26, 2007. Contact the museum at 803-799-2810 or http://www.colmusart.org.
Shaw Memorial: The Power and Glory of Public Art, The "Augustus Saint-Gaudens' original plaster cast of the Shaw Memorial, installed in the National Gallery, is the focus for discussions among historians, curators, educators, and descendants of members of the Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Regiment of African Americans who fought in the Civil War. The program tells us about the history, literary connections, and artistic significance of the sculpture as an artwork and a national monument. Archival photographs, documents, and location footage of related sites provide additional content." .This 52 minute video is lent free of charge through the National Gallery of Art's Division of Education (go to NGA Loan Materials)
Torn Notebook is a 60-minute documentary about the design and building of Torn Notebook, from GPN, Lincoln, NE. In 1997, a major Oldenburg/van Bruggen work, Torn Notebook, commissioned by the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden was installed on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Vinnie Ream: Lincoln's Young Sculptor is a 1 hour video by Hi-Country Media Productions that has aired on PBS stations. Click here to view the script of the video and an image of the VHS cover from the vinnieream.com website, which says of the video: "Vinnie Ream was the first woman and the youngest artist to ever receive a commission from the United States Congress for a statue of the true-to-life marble figure of Abraham Lincoln that stands in the U.S. Capitol rotunda. The work and its artist generated a storm of controversy...Miss Ream was given the coveted job over many experienced competitors in 1866 when the art prodigy was only 18 years old. This video documentary presents Miss Ream's inspiring story and ardent philosophy of life. It surveys the fantastic career of one of American history's most gifted women. Based on the illustrated biography, A Labor of Love, by Glenn V. Sherwood."
Viola Frey: Memory Assembled. When Viola Frey died in 2004 she left behind a rich and complex legacy layered by the enigmatic quality of her person. Widely recognized as a leading figurative sculptor of the late 20th century, Frey's monumental achievement lies in successfully expressing her artistic vision through a highly personal iconography and in the extraordinarily rich diversity of her work. Viola Frey: Memory Assembled is an exploration of the life and work of this remarkable woman. Begun prior to her death, the film incorporates original footage of Frey, and interviews with her artistic peers, eminent art historians and curators. From her childhood in Lodi, California through her education as a painter and ceramicist and her career as an artist and educator, Frey's impact on the art world is discussed and lauded. Director, David Bransten. 2006. 36 min. DVD 6788 Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

TFAO does not maintain a lending library of videos or sell videos. Click here for information on how to borrow or purchase copies of VHS videos and DVDs listed in TFAO's Videos -DVD/VHS, an authoritative guide to videos in VHS and DVD format.



100 Years of California Sculpture: The Oakland Museum, Oakland, California, August 7 to October 17, 1982, By Oakland Museum, Oakland Museum. Published by The Museum, 1982. 48 pages

Hopi Kachina Dolls: with a Key to Their Identification, by Harold S. Colton; color photographs by Jack Breed. Albuquerque, N.M.: University of New Mexico Press, c1959.

Kachina Dolls: The Art of Hopi Carvers, by Helga Teiwes. 161 pages. University of Arizona Press (September 1, 1992). ISBN-10: 0816512647. ISBN-13: 978-0816512645.

Product Description: "Much has been written about the popular kachina dolls carved by the Hopi Indians of northern Arizona, but little has been revealed about the artistry behind them. Now Helga Teiwes describes the development of this art form from early traditional styles to the action-style kachina dolls made popular in galleries throughout the world, and on to the kachina sculptures that have evolved in the last half of the 1980s. Teiwes explains the role of the Katsina spirit in Hopi religion and that of the kachina doll-the carved representation of a Katsina-in the ritual and economic life of the Hopis. In tracing the history of the kachina doll in Hopi culture, she shows how these wooden figures have changed since carvers came to be influenced by their marketability among Anglos and how their carving has been characterized by increasingly refined techniques. Unique to this book are Teiwes's description of the most recent trends in kachina doll carving and her profiles of twenty-seven modern carvers, including such nationally known artists as Alvin James Makya and Cecil Calnimptewa. Enhancing the text are more than one hundred photographs, including twenty-five breathtaking color plates that bring to life the latest examples of this popular art form." text courtesy of Amazon.com

Kachinas: A Selected Bibliography, by Marcia Muth. Sunstone Press; 1st edition (May 1984). ISBN-10: 0865340315. ISBN-13: 978-0865340312

Sculpture in California, 1975-80: An Exhibition, By Richard Armstrong, San Diego Museum of Art. Contributor Richard Armstrong. Published by The Museum, 1980. Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized Nov 13, 2007. 95 pages. Source: Google Books


Also see sculpture: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century

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