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Horace Day in South Carolina, essay By Tal Day (5/24/16)

Beauty on the Cutting Edge: The Paintings of Fred Danziger; essay by V. Scott Dimond (4/1/16)

Big Skies/Hidden Stories: Ellen Wagener Pastels (3/4/16)

Erin Hanson's Painted Parks (1/13/16)

An Eye for Beauty: Carl Wm. Peterson (1919-2009); text by Cori Sherman North (12/1/15)

From Chanute to Phoenix, Paintings by Ralph Goltry (1884-1971); essay by Cori Sherman North (8/8/15)

Reflections: Artwork by Kevin Kutz (7/8/15)

Touching On Water: Paintings by Thomas Paquette (2/4/15)

Dialogue with Beauty - Scotty Mitchell Landscapes: text by Alan Petersen (12/20/14)

Dialogue with Beauty - Scotty Mitchell Landscapes (12/18/14)

Environmental Impact: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation (8/21/14)

Doesn't it ever rain in Alabama?": The Prints of Mary Wallace Kirk, essay by Stephen Goldfarb (8/16/14)

"Neil Welliver." In See It Loud: Seven Post-War American Painters; essay by Bruce Weber (12/13/13)

Between Heaven and Earth: Inspirations / Between Heaven and Earth: Installation (12/6/13)

The Color of San Clemente (10/24/13)

Travels with Alden; essay by Mickey Myers (5/29/13)

Tony Foster - Sacred Places, Watercolour Diaries from the American Southwest (4/11/13)

WEATHERBOUND: The Art of Jay Hall Connaway In Our Time; essay by Ruth Greene-McNally (3/7/13)

Determined to Paint: The Art of George W. Hallock; essay by Geoffrey K. Fleming (1/19/13)

Nelson H. White: Scenic Spirit (8/13/12)

Painted Poetry: The Art of Mary Page Evans (4/21/12)

Tornadoes (4/21/12)

Full Measure - The Artistic Legacy of Bruce Aiken (6/6/11)

Philip Juras: The Southern Frontier Landscapes Inspired by Bartram's Travels (6/3/11)

A Decade of Paintings 2000-2010: Selected Works by Michael M. Strueber; essay by V. Scott Dimond (3/10/11)

Rackstraw Downes: Onsite Paintings, 1972-2008 (1/14/11)



Painting Utah's Mount Olympus (9/21/10)

Alex Dzigurski (1911-1995) Poet of the Land and Sea (6/25/10)

Ed Mell - Paintings of the New West (6/12/10)

Tula Telfair: Landscapes in Counterpoint (3/24/10)

Winds of Inspiration, Winds of Change; essay by Donald Myers (12/15/09)

Southern Landscapes by Lamar Dodd and Will Henry Stevens (9/23/09)

An Independent Spirit: The Art and Life of R.A.D. Miller (6/4/09)

Making Sense of Thomas Kinkade (6/2/09)

George L. K. Morris: Arizona Alter; article by Ellen Simak (4/24/09)

Sidney Hurwitz's Meditations on the Industrial Age; essay by Patricia Hills (3/12/09)

Emile A. Gruppé, 1876 - 1978   (11/20/08)

Merrill Mahaffey: Interior Landscapes of the West, a Fifty-Year Retrospective (5/29/08)

Future Tense: Reshaping the Landscape (5/28/08)

Herbert Pullinger: A Cape May Historical Journey (1/26/08)

Jeff Weaver: Gloucester Paintings and Drawings (12/17/07)

Overviews and Afterlands: Landscapes by Jim Nawara (11/1/07)

Richard Diebenkorn in New Mexico (5/25/07)

Terra Incognita: Contemporary Landscape Painting (5/25/07)

Everett Ruess and the Search for Beauty (10/31/06)

Daniel Garber: Romantic Realist (10/26/06)

Wolf Kahn: Landscape of Light, 1953-2006; essay by Mara Williams (10/24/06)

The Modern West: American Landscapes, 1890-1950 (10/20/06)

Bierstadt to O´Keeffe: Highlights from the Stark Museum of Art (10/20/06)

The Life of Pierre Daura, essay by William M. S. Rasmussen (9/29/06)

Pierre Daura's Vision of Virginia (9/28/06)

Remembering Ilze Siltumens-Holzer (9/6/06)

Form Radiating Life: The Paintings of Charles Rosen (9/6/05)

Harold Gregor's Illinois (8/30/06)

Order and Experience in Harold Gregor's Illinois; essay by Kevin Sharp (8/30/06)

Rick Fleury: Coastal Views (5/18/06)

Poetry in Design: The Art of Harry Leith-Ross (4/25/06)



Embracing Tradition: Ink Landscapes by Arnold Chang, with an interview of the artist led by Nancy Tingley (10/31/05)

Course of Empire: Paintings by Ed Ruscha (9/8/05)

Fragile Florida: Watercolor Paintings by Taylor Ikin (7/11/05)

Walter Emerson Baum, Pennsylvania Artist, 1884-1956; essay by Martha Hutson-Saxton (3/9/05)

New Visions: Julie Bozzi - Contemporary Landscapes, by Amy V. Grimm (3/8/05)

Thomas Paquette: Traversed Lands; essay by John D. O'Hern (12/6/04)

Framing a Vision: Landscapes by Linda Fantuzzo and Manning Williams; with essays by Elizabeth A. Fleming and Angela D. Mack (10/25/04)

Allentown Impressions: Views of City Parks (10/22/04)

The Paintings of Charles Burchfield; essay by Nannette V. Maciejunes and Michael D. Hall (9/14/04)

Panorama of the American Landscape by William Dunlap (8/12/04)

Leonard Lopp: Glacier Park Artist (7/15/04)

Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place (7/14/04)

Wayne Thiebaud: City/Country (6/11/04)

American Seascapes: Artists at the Shore (5/27/04)

Oscar Bluemner: Visions of the Modern Landscape; essay by Debra Force (5/12/04)

Jacob Kass: Painted Saws (5/3/04)

Magnetic North: The Landscapes of Tom Uttech (4/29/04)

Edward W. Redfield: Just Values and Fine Seeing (4/22/04)

Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place (4/15/04)

Oscar Bluemner: A Daughter's Legacy (4/9/04)

A Sense of Place: Location Studies by Joseph McGurl (3/9/04)

The Art of Healing: The Wishard Art Collection (2/24/04)

Ideal City: Exhibition by Adam Cvijanovic (2/2/04)


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Romantic 18th and 19th century

American Art Today: Contemporary Landscape  was a 1989 exhibit at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University which included numerous representational style works by American artists. Readers may download the catalog with an essay by Jed Perl. Accessed 1/17

The Art of Richard Mayhew: Journey's End, an exhibit held September 26 - December 4, 2009 at the de Saisset Museum. Includes essay and images. Also see A Sense of Place: Location/ Inspiration. Accessed August, 2015.

The World of Rolland Golden was an exhibit held August 6 through October 30, 2016 at the Morris Museum of Art. MMA says: "Still active at eighty-four, Rolland Golden is one of the most renowned artists to have emerged in the South during the second half of the twentieth century. In addition to the styles of realism and "abstract realism," he is known for a style he developed, which he calls "'borderline surrealism,' realistic imagery in a not impossible, but highly unlikely situation." Golden was born in New Orleans, but his father's job at AT&T had the family moving with frequency-first to Grenada, Mississippi, and later Jackson, Mississippi, eventually to Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, before returning to New Orleans more or less for good." Also see Rolland Harve Golden entry in KnowLA, Encyclopedia of Louisiana. Accessed August, 2016.

An Artist with the Corps of Discovery: One Hundred Paintings Illustrating the Journals of Lewis and Clark was an exhibit held during Summer 2009 at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. The exhibit featured artwork of Charles Fritz. Accessed August, 2016.

Baron Stanhope - A Retrospective, an exhibit held September 17 - October 31, 2015 at the Texarkana Regional Arts Center. Accessed December, 2015.

Bunny Harvey: Four Decades was a 2015 exhibit at the Davis Museum, which says; "Brought together at the Davis for the first time, this large selection from Harvey's body of work-including drawings, and both small and large scale paintings-illuminates her abiding engagement with these themes, and highlights her important contribution to Wellesley as a teacher, mentor, and participant in the academic community." Accessed 12/16 Also see artist website Accessed 12/16

A Changing Landscape: From the City to the Countryside (Ron Donoughe and Kevin Kutz), an exhibit held May 1 - August 1, 2009 at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. Includes exbibit brochure. Accessed April, 2015.

Charles E. Burchfield: By Design, an exhibit held September 12, 2013 - February 2, 2014 at the Burchfield - Penney Art Center. Includes curators' essay. Accessed August, 2015.

Contested Terrain: Painting the Modern Landscape, an exhibit held 6/30/2012 - 9/16/2012 at the Joslyn Art Museum. Accessed February, 2015

Elevated Perspective: Paintings by Joellyn Duesberry, an exhibit held July 2 - Sept. 11, 2011 at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Includes 4:22 video. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

Flow was a 2008 exhibit at the Sheldon Museum of Art which says: "Artists with an affinity toward nature, especially landscape painters, chose water as a primary subject because of its reflective beauty and emotive qualities. Those close to the land also wish to protect it, and to do so some have turned to documentary imagery. Water was a central theme of the Provincetown, Massachusetts, painters and the San Francisco Bay Area figurative artists. American Impressionists gravitated toward water's abstract, absorbing quality." Viewers may download the exhibition catalog. Accessed 1/17

Emilio Sanchez: Cityscapes, an exhibit held May 30 - August 12, 2012 at The Fralin Museum of Art, University of Virginia. Texts include exhibit labels. Accessed August, 2015.

Following the Prescribed Path, an exhibit held September 13 - November 23, 2014 at the Laband Art Gallery at Loyola Marymount University. Includes works by Kim Abeles, Vito Acconci, Bas Jan Ader, Gabrielle Ferrer, Erin Mallea, Diane Meyer, and Mark Ruwedel. Accessed February, 2015

Gathering Light: The Art of Stephen Hannock an exhibit held July 13 - October 21, 2012 at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. Includes curator's essay and links to slideshow and two-minute video tour. Accessed August, 2015.

Henk Pander: Memory and Modern Life, an exhibit held January 29 - March 27, 2011 at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University. Includes News Release and Teacher's Guide. Accessed January, 2015.

Into the Woods: The Forest as Artistic Inspiration is a 2016-17 exhibit at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art which says: "Artists have been drawn to forests for centuries, finding great stimulation in wooded spaces.  Forests can represent many things; they can be places of fairy tale enchantment, of haunting and danger, a metaphor for the mystery of the subconscious, a place of industry, or simply a place to celebrate the beauty of nature's bounty." Also see The Gazette article.  Accessed 2/17

James Welling: "Wyeth", an exhibit held March 24 - July 22, 2012 at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. Includes interview and video. Accessed May, 2015

Julie Bozzi: Landscapes 1975 - 2003, an exhibit held Nov 23, 2003 - Feb 22, 2004 at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Accessed March, 2015.

Kay WalkingStick: An American Artist is a 2017 exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute which says: "Featuring more than 60 of her most notable paintings, drawings, and notebooks, this exhibition explores the artist's search for the spiritual truth of her complex cultural identity, against the backdrop of key art historical movements." Accessed 3/17

One Hundred Years of Harmony: Paintings by Gari Melchers, an exhibit held August 26 through December 11, 2016 at the Telfair Museums, which says:" Artist Gari Melchers played an invaluable role in shaping the collection of Telfair Museums. During his tenure as fine arts advisor from 1906 to 1916, Melchers facilitated the purchase of many of the best-known works in the permanent collection, including iconic canvases by artists such as George Bellows, Childe Hassam, Robert Henri, and many others. Yet Telfair did not acquire a single work by Melchers himself until after he stepped down from his official role in 1916. To commemorate that occasion, Telfair's board arranged for the purchase of Melchers's The Unpretentious Garden, a painting that is now one of the most beloved works in the museum's collection." Also see "Jepson celebrates painter Gari Melchers' work, contributions," by Kristopher Monroe, 24 Aug 2016 in DoSavannah. Accessed September, 2016.

Outlandish: Contemporary Depictions of Nature, an exhibit held July 6 - September 4, 2011 at The BEDFORD gallery · Lesher Center for the Arts. Texts include press release. Accessed August, 2015.

Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art, from Virtual Museum of Canada. Accessed August, 2015.

Portrait of Maquoketa: The Dimensional View, an exhibit held October 27, 2012 - January 20, 2013 at the Figge Art Museum. Includes images and video regarding artist Rose Frantzen. Accessed August, 2015.

Rackstraw Downes: Onsite Paintings, 1972-2008, an exhibit held June 20, 2010 to August 8, 2010 at the Parrish Art Museum, Accessed April, 2015.

Richard Parker: Poetic Illusions, an exhibit held February 5-April 13, 2014 at the USC Fisher Museum of Art. Includes online exhibition catalog and video. Accessed May, 2015.

Rita K. Haldeman: Seasons of the Landscape, an exhibit held May 3 - July 30, 2011 at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. Includes exbibit brochure. Accessed April, 2015.

Story of a Moment: James Pringle Cook is a 2017 exhibit at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art which says: "James Pringle Cook is a Kansas native who studied Emporia State and Wichita State Universities.  After moving to Arizona to teach, he later began working there full-time as a landscape artist." Also see artist website. Accessed 2/17

Visualizing the Modern Self: Self-Reflection and the Spectator of Landscape Painting, by Richard Williams Department of Sociology Rutgers University, from All Academic, Inc. Accessed August, 2015.

William M. Hoffman, Jr. Retrospective, an exhibit held August 22 - November 9, 2014 at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. Includes exbibit catalog. Accessed April, 2015.

The National Academy Museum presents a video archive page contains talks by academicians -- including landscape artist Wolf Kahn -- about their work. Accessed May 2015.

The WGBH/Boston Forum Network is an audio and video streaming web site dedicated to curating and serving live and on-demand lectures, including a number of videos on Art and Architecture. Partners include a number of museums, colleges, universities and other cultural organizations. See listings of related videos in this catalogue indexed by partner name. Wheaton College partnered with the WGBH Forum Network for Six Good Reasons Not To Paint a Landscape, (51 minutes) with Wolf Kahn, landscape artist. [September 19, 2002] Accessed May, 2015.

An Interview with Wolf Kahn, Feb 17, 2011, from Burning Oak Studios. Accessed August, 2015.


DVD/VHS videos:

Hudson River Journeys. This video is a 2004 American Public Television exploration of "America's first river," through the eyes of artist Len Tantillo and folk singer Pete Seeger. History comes alive through Tantillo's detailed paintings, and those of 19th-century Hudson River School painters who helped shape the mythos of the American landscape. Hudson River Journeys is an intimate view into the mystique of the river. The program presents a breathtaking look at the Hudson today, celebrating its natural splendor through beautiful scenic vistas captured during each of the four seasons. The documentary is a passionate look at the dedicated people who have made the Hudson River what it is today, and those who are striving to preserve it for the future. (text courtesy of American Public Television)
Land and Landscape: Views of America's History and Culture Follows the history of photography and landscape painting in America. Looks at its beginnings in the 19th century and compares the similarities and differences in modern techniques. Produced by the National Museum of American Art. Guide, workbook, 27-minute video, 15 small prints. Description source: Amon Carter Museum Teacher Resource Center.
Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church is a 29 minute 1989 National Gallery of Art video directed by Joseph J. Reis and narrated by Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr., Curator of American Art at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. From the 1850s to the 1870s, Frederic Edwin Church was the leading landscape painter in America. This video traces Church's career from his early studies in the Catskills and the Hudson River Valley with the eminent landscape painter Thomas Cole. The program continues through Church's maturity when his grand, all-encompassing paintings of the great natural wonders of the Americas made him one of the nation's most celebrated landscape painters of the 19th century. The program includes live footage of the Catskills and of Church's "final work of art," Olana, his house overlooking the Hudson River. Paintings shown include New England Scenery (1851), Niagara (1857), Heart of the Andes (1859), Icebergs (1861), Twilight in the Wilderness (1860), Cotopaxi (1862), Parthenon (1871), and Morning in the Tropics (1877). This program is also available in the DVD collection: American Art, 1785­1926: Seven Artist Profiles.This DVD is lent free of charge through the National Gallery of Art's Division of Education (go to NGA Loan Materials)
Richard Mayhew: Spiritual Landscapes is a 28 minute L&S video created and produced by Linda Freeman and witten and directed by David Irving. Richard Mayhew paints landscapes. These images have taken root within the the artist's inner spirit and are expressed through oil paint on canvas and watercolor on paper. The landscapes never depict a specific place, but capture a poetic feeling about the land. Are they abstracts? Are they impressions? Are they expressions? Are they landscapes? Only you the viewer, in concert with the artist, can say for sure. ISBN 1-882660-15-3

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