Individual States Art History

Educational Progress Award Program


TFAO's Individual States Art History Project seeks to organize and make available online articles and essays surveying the representational art history of each state. All texts are available for free reading.

For some states TFAO has amassed a significant volume of information. For other states less is available.

Through the following Educational Progress Award Program, TFAO seeks to publish additional essays in order to better educate the public about the art history of each state in the United States.


Terms and conditions


1. Choice of state

Each applicant may select one state for which up to three essays may be ultimately submitted, subject to the other terms and conditions established herein by TFAO.

States marked with an asterisk (*) are not eligible to be included in this program

All applications to choose a state must be submitted by July 1, 2011.

TFAO will choose one individual for each eligible state by August 1, 2011 based on qualifications.

The name of each chosen applicant assigned to a state will be posted on this page by August 10, 2011.


2. Requirements for applicants


3. Submission of essays

Each chosen applicant may secure permissions for up to three essays for publication in Resource Library.

Each essay will contain a minimum of 700 words including footnotes, not be currently published online and be written by a separate author. For a list of authors published in Resource Library see Author Study and Index.

Each essay will be restricted to aspects of the representational art history of the agreed upon state for any time span from the Colonial period though the 1930s.

Biographies of individual artists are not eligible.

Articles and essays must be written by an active or retired art museum curator or art history professor.

All essays will be submitted by email in compliance with requirements stated at Should I submit text materials? and Content presentation guidelines.

Essays and related permissions must be submitted by chosen applicants by November 1, 2011.


4 Appreciation awards

A $70 appreciation award for each submitted essay meeting all Resource Library requirements will be donated by TFAO to any art museum listed in the Art Museum, Gallery and Art Center index. The maximum award relating to an individual chosen applicant will be $210, based on three approved essays.

The museum will be selected by the individual chosen applicant who submitted the approved essays.

TFAO's check will be made out to the museum chosen by the individual chosen applicant and mailed to the individual chosen applicant for forwarding to the museum.

No checks will be made out to persons.

Checks will be sent by December 1, 2011.


5. Publication of essays

Accepted essays will be published in Resource Library.

Credit will be given to the individual chosen applicant on the page containing the an editor's note.


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