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Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) publishes through its online publication Resource Library in-depth texts and images mostly relating to American representational art exhibitions -- especially materials unavailable elsewhere on the Web. Visitors to institutions, curators, educators, scholars, students and others find Resource Library's comprehensive materials of value. These is no charge to access published materials.

Editor's notes for articles ofen contain references and links to topical information from previously published articles and essays, books, journals and magazines, online videos, DVD videos, online audio, illustrated audio, and other information from TFAO's Topics in American Art and America's Distinguished Artists catalogs. For each article there is also a link to a TFAO page dedicated to its institutional source. That page contains information about the source plus a listing of all articles published based on materials provided by it.


NOTE: Resource Library is not at this time seeking or accepting submission of materials from nonprofit institutions for online publication.

The following information is provided only to acquaint others with previous policy and procedures.


Articles and essays from named authors

TFAO offers a complimentary online publishing service to copyright holders of texts previously printed on paper. TFAO also welcomes articles and essays -- not previously published on paper or online -- for first publication in Resource Library. TFAO does not charge copyright holders to publish texts and offers the texts for online reading free of charge. The texts may be "in copyright" or with expired copyrights and may be "in print" or out-of-print. For a listing of published authors, please see the Author Study and Index.

An example of an essay from a museum, in this case accompanied by an online copy of the catalogue containing it, is Rediscovering Nina Belle Ward; essay by Karla J. Niehus (6/11/15).

See pages on scholarly texts from institutions and scholarly text from private sources to discover benefits to both the public and sources of content.


Publicity, informational and educational articles

Resource Library publishes online publicity, informational and educational materials including texts and images from institutional sources.

An example of an article combined with a related essay is Georgia O'Keeffe and the Camera: The Art of Identity (7/5/08) accompanied by "Miss O'Keeffe" - Photography and Fame; essay by Susan Danly (7/5/08). More examples of articles and essays are available at the Chronology of Articles of Essays.


Other information

All Resource Library texts and images are published online -- without charge to the public -- on a permanent basis, subject to Resource Library's policy on errors and omissions.

See How Resource Library differs from paper-printed art publications for information on deadlines and time between submission of materials and date of publication.

TFAO does not pay third parties for the use of materials published in Resource Library.


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