A Vision of the Future for Traditional Fine Arts Organization




Filling in areas of knowledge

Even though TFAO's online digital library has amassed information about every facet of American representational art, some areas remain underdeveloped:

Succession of management and ownership

TFAO is researching the potential for a separate nonprofit organization to acquire its operations in whole or part in order to provide for future years:

As a result of TFAO's research, a suitable university, museum, library or other nonprofit organization of high integrity and passion for education concerning American art may be found, which will enable new leadership, management and ownership to be provided. TFAO seeks an institution that will build on TFAO's accomplishments, proceed in the future with enhanced creativity and professionalism, and provide necessary financial resources. TFAO's online Catalogues, National Calendar of Art Exhibitions, Resource Library and Reports and Studies are the most important features which TFAO intends to be preserved and enhanced by an acquirer.

The president of TFAO, who also serves as editor of Resource Library, has provided volunteer leadership since the founding of the organization in 2003 and was also editor of Resource Library Magazine from 1997 until it was acquired by TFAO in 2004. The president has accomplished major personal objectives sought for the benefit of the public and seeks to lessen volunteer service to TFAO in order to devote increased time and effort to other causes. The president is willing to provide substantial training to new management.



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