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Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass presented as of 2014 six videos regarding American studio glass including a 24 minute video titled "Pioneers of Studio Glass" which was produced by WGTE Public Media for the AACG. "It is a fascinating look at the 1962 Toledo Workshops where Harvey Littleton and Dominick Labino first experimented with making glass outside of the factory setting..." according to AACG.

CBS News / Sunday Morning presented on September 2, 2012 Art and History of Studio Glass Making [5:51] including stories of pioneers of the American studio glass movement plus information on an exhibit titled Color Ignited: Glass 1962-2012 at the Toledo Museum of Art. Accessed May, 2014.

Glass artist Dale Chihuly's web site contains a "Screening Room" page with 50 videos including interviews, projects, exhibitions and public installations.

Frabel Video Gallery from the Frabel Glass Studio and Gallery

In 2004 the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA hosted the "Summer Hot Shop Artists Series" that ran from May 14 through September 7, featuring seasonal residencies by glass artists in the Museum's Hot Shop. During the residencies the Museum's web site featured a special section devoted to the Summer Hot Shop Artists Series including biographies, images and streaming video of the artists in the Hot Shop. Susan Warner, Director of Education for the Museum, said in a April 4, 2005 conversation with TFAO that the streaming video feature will again be offered during the residencies starting May 31, 2005.

Nova Southeastern University partnered with the WGBH Forum Network for Dale Chihuly's Glass Garden by Nora Quinlan, researcher, Alvin Sherman Library, NSU. (3 minutes) The NSU Glass Garden by Dale Chihuly in the atrium of the Alvin Sherman Library on the Nova Southeastern University campus is a rare opportunity for the public to view and enjoy a beautiful one-of-a-kind glass sculpture for free. Watch as this permanent exhibit is installed and learn a bit about Chihuly's creative process. [Link found expired as of 2014 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for your reference]


Related videos:

Chihuly DVD Collection is a 4-disc boxed set released in 2004, produced by the Museum of Glass. Each DVD is 60 minutes with an additional 30 minutes of special features. The videos explore the relationship of nature and glass as Chihuly and his team work in a variety of outdoor locations, and then install glass among the lush flora at Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory. A comprehensive collection, the Chihuly DVD Collection is a globe-trotting adventure that leads to greater understanding of the man and his art. ASIN: B0000D1FJH.

Chihuly In Charlotte is a 2000 video directed by Stuart Grasberg and produced by WTVI, Charlotte Public Television..Stuart garnered several awards during his broadcasting career, including five Emmy Awards.


Chihuly Over Venice is a 1998 PBS Home Video released by Home Vision Entertainment. The planning and realization of an ambitious project by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly is documented in this absorbing PBS presentation. Chihuly collaborated with master glassblowers from four countries to achieve his collection of spectacular chandeliers for public display over the canals of Venice. From Finland to Ireland to Mexico to Italy, Chlhuly and the participatlng artisans join together for a creative 90 minute odyssey.

Defying Gravity: An Historic Achievement In Glass Featuring Josh Simpson is a 60 minute PBS television documentary in DVD format that follows renowned glass artist Josh Simpson as he crafts the largest glass object of his career: a luminous 100-pound "Megaplanet." Cameras capture every step of the year-and-a-half process from commission to creation. The film features interviews with the makers of custom tools required for the project; Simpson's triumphs, disappointments, technical obstacles and inspiration, and the grand unveiling of the "Megaplanet" at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. WGBY, the PBS station in Springfield, Massachusetts, filmed the documentary. View online this clip from the WGBY video [9:04]

Pilchuck Founders Totem Pole. Seattle Art Museum brought this film to the attention of TFAO. For a January 25, 2008 viewing SAM says: "Don't miss this special screening of Pilchuck Founders Totem Pole, a production of Pilchuck Glass School. Students and artists from around the world collaborated to create a totem pole that represents the school's founders: artist Dale Chihuly and patrons John Hauberg and Anne Gould Hauberg. Noted glass artist Preston Singletary, who directed fabrication and installation of glass elements in the Pilchuck totem pole, will answer questions after the screening."

Pioneers of Studio Glass is a DVD produced by WGTE Public Media for the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. "It is a fascinating look at the 1962 Toledo Workshops where Harvey Littleton and Dominick Labino first experimented with making glass outside of the factory setting..." according to the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. Call AACG at 214-890-0029 with questions.

Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel. DVD. 2007 [56:46] The HDTV PBS documentary: Transformed by Flame - The Glass Art of Frabel, will take the viewer on a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic to showcase the history of glass, the Frabel Studio and Hans Godo Frabel.



FIFTY BY FIFTY: Celebrating 50 Years of Studio Glass, 64 pages. The Muskegon Museum of Art's website says: "To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Studio Glass movement and the 100th Anniversary of the Muskegon Museum of Art, the MMA invited 50 artists whose work and teaching helped to define the next generation of studio glass to contribute to this exhibition. Guest curators Benjamin P. Moore and Stephen Rolfe Powell, two of the top artists in the field, selected the artists for inclusion. The accompanying book includes full-color images of the works in the exhibition, along with curatorial essays and artist statements.


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