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The TFAO Free Online Digital Library is a service of Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO), a nonprofit organization. The library is a highly specialized content repository available to the public without charge. It is mainly devoted to knowledge concerning American representational art.

The collection includes TFAO's publication Resource Library, which contains 1,300+ articles and essays written by hundreds of named authors, plus many thousands of other articles published by it. All published materials provide educational and informational content to students, scholars, teachers and others. Most published materials relate to exhibitions. Materials may include whole exhibition gallery guides, brochures or catalogues or texts from them, perviously published magazine or journal articles, wall panels and object labels, audio tour scripts, play scripts, interviews, blogs, checklists and news releases, plus related images. American art museums are the largest source of Resource Library's content.

The library's collection also includes catalogues, the National Calendar of Exhibitions, plus research reports and studies. TFAO owns portions of the contents and publishes other materials with the consent of other copyright holders.

TFAO performs functions for the library that are common with physical libraries including:

The library's operating model provides a case study for cost-efficient storage and distribution of knowledge and the operation of a digital library. Its low cost of operation provides a template for study by others considering developing digital libraries.

For a count of articles and essays written by hundreds of named authors published online in Resource Library, please click here. For an estimate of the quantity of text and images in the library, please see Content and paper-printed book equivalence.

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