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Resource Library has amassed considerable information covering many artists and topics. In late 2016 Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO), publisher of Resource Library, changed focus away from adding additional articles and essays. TFAO is instead concentrating on furthering breadth and depth of information from other sources to place in Topics in American Art. In early 2017 TFAO added hundreds of additional museums to it's list for ongoing study. Find the covered museums here: A-C D-G H-L M-Q R-S T-Z.

For the indefinite future TFAO plans for Resource Library to remain inactive while accumulating data for Topics in American Art.

The big picture - why Resource Library's in-depth texts and images relating to American representational art are of unique and special value to visitors of institutions, curators, educators, scholars, students and others.

Submitting texts - what areas of knowledge Resource Library seeks to fill in, especially those regarding lesser known artists and under-developed topics. Resource Library contains thousands of informative and educational articles and essays it has published since the mid-1990s.

Submitting images - what types and quantities of images are sought to support texts.


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