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This section of the Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) catalogue Topics in American Art is devoted to the topic "20th-21st Century American Still Life Painting." Articles and essays specific to this topic published in TFAO's Resource Library are listed at the beginning of the section. Clicking on titles takes readers directly to the articles and essays. The date at the end of each title is the date of publication in Resource Library.


Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Robert Douglas Hunter, Two Views; article by Elizabeth Ives Hunter (7/18/16)

American Still Lifes (3/11/14)

Dan Helsel: Creating Joy (2/10/14)

Common Ground: The Still Life Paintings of William Shepherd (b.1943) and The Dutch Renaissance (1600-1800); essay by Christine C. Brindza (1/16/14)

Common Elegance: The Still Life Paintings of William Shepherd (11/21/13)

A Decade of Paintings 2000-2010: Selected Works by Michael M. Strueber; essay by V. Scott Dimond (3/10/11)

The Art of Janet Fish (11/17/09)

Tradition and Innovation: The Still Lifes of Guy Diehl; essay by Susan Landauer (11/6/08)


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