Art History of Each State within the United States of America

with an emphasis on representational art


Would you like to earn money for an art museum of your choice?


1. Choose an available state from the states list shown below.

2. Send an email to TFAO at stating the state you wish to research.

3. TFAO will let you know if the state is available. If available, TFAO will assign the state to you and place your name next to the state's name.

4. For your assigned state find the name, title, street address and email address of each person to which you will send an inquiry as described in this step and further in step 5. The email address must be that of an individual, not of a title or department name. For example is ok. isn't ok.

5. Send an email to only one person for each museum listed under the heading "Museums and other non-profit sources of Resource Library articles and essays:" on TFAO's page for the individual state. If there is a named librarian, send an inquiry email to that person. If there is no named librarian, send the email to the executive director of the museum.

For each inquiry email include a cc to

6. The text of the email must read as follows:


Dr./Mr./Ms. [first name] [last name]
[name of art museum]
[street number] [street name]
[city], [state] [zip code]
Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. [last name]
"Art History of Each State within the United States of America" at <> is a project of Traditional
Fine Arts Organization. The project's information is available to the public without charge. To make sure that the project references all relevant information specific to [name of state] art history, could you please ask colleagues to review the page dedicated to the state at [TFAO's URL for the state]? TFAO's audience of students, teachers and scholars will greatly appreciate your colleagues' suggestions for additional information.
The page "About this project" at <> describes the information TFAO seeks. The page "Exclusions" at
<> explains what is not sought, such as biographies of individual artists and materials with a scope wider than the geography of the state.
TFAO wishes to give credit to all sources of new information.
Thank you for your help.
[name of volunteer]
Volunteer for Traditional Fine Arts Organization
a nonprofit organization dedicated to American art appreciation and education


8. After you have sent letters to individuals at all of the listed museums, repeat the above steps for the state's historical association.

7. For each letter sent by you for which TFAO receives an email cc copy, TFAO's director will send within two weeks a follow up email to the email address of each person you contacted. TFAO's email will either thank the addressee for information they sent to TFAO at your request or ask them once again for their help.

8. TFAO will then add up all of its follow up letters that don't bounce back with invalid addresses. For each valid email address, TFAO will give to the art museum of your choice $1.00. Once 20 valid email addresses are accumulated as a result of your efforts, a $20 check will be made out to the museum of your choice and sent by US mail to your street address so that you may forward the check to the museum.

For some states there will be less than 20 persons available for contact. If that's the case, choose another individual state to bundle with your first choice so that there will be over 20 persons available for contact.


List of states and assignments:

Alabama - research completed
Arizona - research completed
California - research completed
Connecticut - research completed
Delaware - research completed
District of Columbia
Massachusetts - research completed
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico - research completed
New York - research completed
North Carolina
North Dakota
Pennsylvania - research completed
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee - research completed
Texas - research completed
Utah - research completed
Vermont - research completed
West Virginia
Wisconsin - research completed


Project commenced April 11, 2012 and ended December, 2012.

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