United States Art History

Art History of Each State within the United States of America

with an emphasis on representational art


About this catalogue


United States Art History is a Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) catalogue.




TFAO's catalogue United States Art History provides viewers articles and essays principally sourced from art museums from each state. Except for international focus of major metropolitan museums in larger states, the regional museums provide a window into the art history of each state. 

Viewers may also enjoy America's art history by topic, museum, and date of publication.




The primary goal of United States Art History is to organize and make available online -- without charge to the public -- articles and essays surveying the representational art history of each state. Texts devoted to individual states may be provided in one or more of the following ways:

A secondary goal of United States Art History is to gather for each state links to related online audio and video from other websites, and also to list related museums, books and magazine articles.




Resource categories for each individual state are presented in the following order:

For some states categories may be missing because no resources have yet been found for them.

Also see: Geographic Tour of American Representational Art History, a survey of articles and essays that describe the evolution of American art from the inception of the United States to WWI




The first edition of United States Art History was completed in 2008. The catalogue is updated throughout the year as new Resource Library articles and essays are published. Additionally, the catalogue is audited every other year for content from other websites.


Please see:

Exclusions to learn about types of information not included in United States Art History and an example of how to find biographical information on individual artists.

Methods of research to learn how information is gathered for inclusion.



Available on YouTube is the 1997 eight part PBS documentary "American Visions" by Australian art critic Robert Hughes, covering the roots of European-inspired colonial art to the present time.

A 5/28/97 critique by Paul Richards of the Washington Post on Hughes' series may be found here.

Also available on YouTube is the Perspective episode "From The Wild West To Jackson Pollock: America In Art" by Waldemar Januszczak, an English art critic and television documentary producer and presenter.


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